Outside the Walls of Casa Blanca

Baja, Mexico…

Where do I begin?  As we continue to be here in Ensenada, MX, we meet people who are giving that cup of cool water every day to those in need.  The Baja is the largest concentration of foreign missionaries in all of Mexico.  There are so many organizations here and they are all in need, and at times it can be overwhelming.  Talking with Ruth who works at a drug rehab for women and their kids where they have 100.00 dollars a week to feed 40-50 people every day.  Asking what their needs are and you think food would be first on that list, but cleaning supplies are what she mentioned first.  They buy food first and if there is any leftover then they buy toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Or if it is talking with Arlene who with her husband run a day care, school and feeding program for children of the fieldworkers (and that really does not describe all they do).  Here in Mexico a lot of kids end up in orphanages because their single mom’s have to work all day and have nowhere for them to go.  They feed 40-50 kids, 5 days a week for breakfast and then the numbers swell to 80-90 for lunch. This is due to the drought that has been long standing here and the moms have been coming to get fed as well.  Plus they run a kindergarten and school for kids who don’t have birth certificates. In Mexico a lot of poor families give birth at home and they don’t have money to get a birth certificate.  If you don’t have a birth certificate you cannot go to school.  A lot of parents don’t have a birth certificate so their kids can’t get certificates either, so the cycle continues unless there is help. There is a battered women’s program just down the road and they always need household stuff because when they graduate the program they get help getting set up in a safe place of their own.  There are friends of ours involved in a ministry that builds houses for people.  There is an orphanage in Maneadero where they have been blessed with a dental clinic they just need dentists to come down and give of their time.  The list goes on and on.  The list of basic needs is gigantic and it can be overwhelming if you focus on all of it at once. It is a true testament of faith of those who work every day in the environment of constant need and are able to carry on.  If it were not for Jesus how could you bear a load like that alone.

This last week we were able to give away some clothes that were dropped off here to give away.  We had several ceiling fans and Mike put together parts to make complete working fans and we dropped those off at Gabriel House which is for handicapped orphans.  They need ceiling fans because the kids who can’t move at all, the flies will land on their face and in their mouths and they are unable to brush them away.  But with ceiling fans when they are placed in their wheelchairs or hospital beds under them, keep the flies away.  It is so good to hear of a need and be able to help with it.  We now have more clothes to give away as well, they were dropped of just yesterday.  We continually keep our ears open and if we can help we do.   

Missionaries in Ensenada, Mexico

This is just a little description of some of the things we have been or are involved with outside the walls of Casa Blanca when we don’t have groups and we are not fixing things around here.

Mike & Heidi VanDyken
Ensenada, Mexico

3 thoughts on “Outside the Walls of Casa Blanca

  1. Thank you for sharing, Mike & Heidi! Thank you for sharing how God is using you in Mexico! We are so excited to hear it all!
    We love you so much!!

  2. We all so appreciate you sharing pieces of what is going on and needed. It really helps us pray and know a bit about the new life Jesus has you in. I can speak for Kevin and myself by saying we miss good friends as we have found in you so many yrs ago. We are proud and excited for the eyes, hands and feet (and more lol) you are for Jesus.
    We love you bunches and pray for you often!!

  3. So amazing to hear of what is happening and the needs all around you. We are praying for you that God will allow you to live way beyond yourselves through HIm. Love you, mi amigos!

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