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The question for me this month has been what do I write about?  Let me tell you about our

Missionaries in Ensenada, Mexico

current group of 27 people from Chorus Church in California.  They have been here for 5 days and built two houses and did a Vacation Bible School for the kids at Aqua Viva just down the road from us.As the group would come back

each evening we were privileged to hear what God was showing them and doing in their lives that day.  A local lady said after this group put dishes into the house for her, that this was the first time she had her “own” real dishes.  It really is the small things that make a lasting impact on the people who come to serve as well as those they serve.  The fact that they played with the kids and invited the people to help build the houses – they included them in the process.  They physically shared the love of Christ in all that they did each day; most of that just by showing up and serving in anyway needed.  It is about putting others first and then you end up receiving a blessing that seems so much bigger than anything you did for the other person.It is a privilege for us to serve these brothers and sisters in Christ who come to serve the people of Mexico.  We really enjoy meeting each new group of people and getting to know them in the time that they are here.  As we get to know them it is a little like having family visit.  And since we all serve the same Jesus, we are all family.

Also with us recently has been Sophie D., here for almost a month.  She is the oldest daughter of my very good friend from college.  She had time this summer and no mission trip planned and she was a little down about that.  Mary (her mother) and I were emailing back and forth about things and I mentioned if she ever wanted to send any of her kids to us she could.  So – she did.  What a blessing this young lady was and a beautiful example of a servant’s heart and a contagious love for Jesus that was refreshing.  Things are painted and you will see more things on Facebook (tutoring lessons) and better looking newsletters and professional pictures of the rooms, all thanks to Sophie! When she came we did not know what she would do and it just kind of progressed as she was here.  She helped cook meals at a local feeding program, played with orphans, and just generally said “What do you need me to do today?” with joy in her heart.

We are in the midst of our busy time (June 16th and really don’t stop until August 20th) but we continue to work and make improvements to Casa Blanca.  The dining room addition is enclosed and hopefully we will have the lights in and insulation put up and dry walled in the next week or so.  We have to plan our construction work around our guests.  So we continue to serve Christ and those He brings through our gate with a deep joy in our hearts.  We also want all of you to know that God regularly brings our Mountain Springs Family to mind and we lift you up in prayer.

In His Service,

Heidi and Mike VanDyken
Ensenada, MX

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